accounting equation and writing |

accounting equation and writing |

Complete the following assignment found at the end of the chapter in the text:

Chapter 12: Problem 35 (See attachment for the details)

This assignment does not have a standard template. Complete the balanced score card in presentation format to present to management your findings and recommendations. The presentation should contain all information required and thoroughly explain and support your reasoning for Parts 1-5. You can use PowerPoint, Word or Excel to present your plan.

Also, embed a video within the presentation or use or screencast-o-matic.

Refer to the Writing Assignment Grading Guidelines in the attachment for assignment requirements in content, organization, writing style, grammar and APA 6.0 format.

The final product will be automatically submitted to Turnitin in. Similarity Index does not exceed 15%.

Refer to the following links for APA guidelines.

APA Style