answer the below questions 1 |

answer the below questions 1 |

Working with your supervisor at your host company, if necessary to ensure that you protect any confidentiality or sensitivity of information, answer the following questions about IT Governance and your workplace and project.

Question 1

Does your host company have in place a formal IT Governance framework? Some clues as to its existence might be that there is a Corporate Governance or IT Governance policy document; the corporate intranet might contain references to governance. Structures may exist, at higher levels that are the decision making bodies and which control activities in the company for all levels through delegated authority.

Describe your findings and compare them with those of at least 2 other classmates.

Write approx 250 words in your initial answer to this.

Note: smaller companies may not have such evidence in which case you should describe the process that exists to ensure efficiency, control and value as well as accountability and responsibility.

OR if you are not in a current internship, you should review the IT Governance Framework of the University of Newcastle and write a brief summary of how you see IT Governance operations with this organisation.

Question 2

All work situations require us to be aware of and comply with current laws and regulations. ICT professionals should be familiar with a number of laws including those that relate to Workplace Health and Safety, Privacy, security of information, Copyright and Intellectual Property and Consumer Protection.

Select one of these areas and write a brief description on a situation in your internship or previous work where you have complied with current legislation in fulfilling an ICT task.

Question 3

Reflect on this week’s Professional Environments, Internship activities and learning. Remember that this is your document to help you recall new and significant things from your week and plan for your future. Only you and your tutor can read this journal.

You should write at least 200 words on something you have learned this week that may include:

  • what you have learned
  • what is happening in your internship or workplace
  • how you are relating what you have learned to what is happening in your workplace
  • other aspects of your professional development
    • an article you have read
    • an event that you have attended
    • something that may have happened in the workplace that has resulted in your learning about our different workplace culture
    • an interview you had, or a presentation you may have given.

NOTE: If you are not currently in an internship, or have completed your internship, you should consider reflecting on some of these other related activities.

Your reflection may cover more than one of these categories.

Use the Reflective Journal Reading article as a guide to possible career development activities.
Please find the attached last week Internship report.

Question 4

Case Study: Below attached the Question 4 case study document.

Read the 3 Case Studies below and select ONE as the basis of your analysis and discussion. Please indicate clearly which Case Study you have chosen