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watch this video and for the first discussion writing produce 200 words about it

Class, organizations can encourage supervisors to be effective coaches by providing training and giving supervisors the necessary support. The supervisor must be given an opportunity to understand the trainee’s job, the KSAs, and the resources required to meet performance objectives. The supervisor must also be made aware of the trainee’s current level of performance. The supervisor must be given the time and the training so that they can meet with trainees and conduct meetings in which performance objectives are set. Training will also be required so that supervisors are trained to make plans/schedules for achieving performance objectives. The supervisor must also be given time and training so they can demonstrate to the trainee at the work site how to achieve the objectives, observe the trainee perform, and provide feedback. For supervisors to be coaches requires a serious investment by the organization into supervisor training and also increased time spent in interpersonal contact for the supervisor.

In Addition a response must be given back to the other students Lauren Vance and Gina DiCrescenza.

Gina DiCrescenza

Lecture Discussion Training Method

We went over and discussed the four most commonly used training methods and decided that the lecture discussion training method will work best for Taromina. This method will cover a large amount of people in a short amount of time. It’s cost effective because it will be in-house and those that need to be trained will be lectured and then discussions after the lecture will take place. We can also add in questioning so that we can make sure that everyone is comprehending about the training.

The advantages of this method are that more ideas can be generated from each session and each member gets an opportunity to present one’s own ideas and get feedback from members of the same group.


Lauren Vance

Week 6

Hey Everyone

In this week’s scenario with Taromina we discussed training methods. There are four traditional training methods which are: Straight Lecture, Lecture/Discussion, Games and simulations, and On-The-Job training. The option that Tarmomina chose was the Lecture/Discussion method which uses a combination of lectures and interactive group discussions. The training will help with communication among peers and supervisors, which was a concern for employees prior to this weeks scenario. Also, it will create a common understanding of the topics covered; the trainer can use questions to help start conversations, and it will guarantee fast execution. One concern that Taromina has is funding; the company is not able to put a lot of money into the training with outsourcing, this training will be done in house, so it is cost-effective.