business 312 economic 201 |

business 312 economic 201 |

ECON 301 Forum 1: Introductions, Opportunity Costs, and Plagiarism

Part I: Please tell the class about your background and reasons for taking this course and what you expect to gain from this class.

Part II: What is the opportunity cost of attending college for you? What is the best alternative you give up to attend college?

Part III: Also, students must review the plagiarism section of the Student Handbook. This material is found under the syllabus link. Second, student must review the material at

. This material provides additional guidance on plagiarism and examples for proper citations and references. Discuss the following topics in Part III:

  • What is plagiarism?
  • How will you avoid plagiarism?
  • What are the penalties for plagiarism?

Please, note that a minimum of 250 words for the initial post is required.

bussiness 312 Course Objective:

CO1 Identify business problems that can be characterized as mathematical programming problems.
CO3 Analyze management problems.
CO4 Evaluate the role of decision making models and tools in resolving these problems

Forum Prompt:

You task for this discussion forum is to locate three mission statements. One for the organization you work for or have worked for. One for a company for which you use their products. The third Mission statement should be for a service-oriented company you frequent. Insert the company name and then the mission statement. Right under each, give your impression of that statement and how it could possibly be improved.

Your narrative should include a resource reference for where you found each of the Mission statements.


Your initial reply to the forum question should be posted no later than Thursday midnight. Your discussions with your classmates should be posted throughout the week. You should engage in discussions with a minimum of two classmates. Your original post must be a minimum of 275 words with substantive replies to classmates of at least 150 words and incorporate concepts and materials that you have learned this week. You must give attribution for all sources. Don’t forget to download a copy of the “Discussion forum help sheet and Rubric.pdf attached below.

ECON 201 Assignment Instructions

For Term Paper #1 I’d like you to explore the concept of division of labor. Please make sure to address the following questions:

How important is the division of labor to a capitalist economy?

How does the division of labor lead to more efficient production?

What are some examples of division of labor and specialization from your personal experiences?

Complete this essay in a Microsoft Word document in APA format. Your work will automatically be submitted to Turnitin for plagiarism review. Please note that your essay needs to have a minimum of 700 words and a maximum of 1100 words.