Candidate Selection Assessment –


Assessment Instructions

This assessment focuses on your competencies related to candidate selection. Conduct research on the process of selecting a candidate and design a selection process for the job position you have chosen to examine. For the purposes of this assessment, suppose that the recruiting step has already occurred, and you have received fifty resumes.

From the perspective of the HR manager, describe the components you would include in the process, in order to select the top three candidates to interview with the position’s supervisor. Write a 2–3 page paper addressing all of the following:

  • How would you reject applicants, in order to create a manageable candidate pool?
  • How many candidates will you schedule for an initial interview?
  • Who would be involved in the interview process? The number and type of interviews depend on the type of position. Usually, a minimum of two interviews are held (first with the HR representative, then the hiring manager). Sometimes, the colleagues of the incumbent will also be involved in an interview, especially if the department members work very closely together. If the position is at a very high level, there may be numerous interviews, with a variety of people, and perhaps even with the CEO of the organization.
    • Who, besides the supervisor, would be involved in interviewing the top three candidates?
    • Will you decide to use panel interviews? If so, at which stage of the process?
    • Would you have more than two interviews? If so, explain why, and identify who would be involved in a third interview.
  • Assess and select pre-employment tests or assessments for your position.
  • Describe whether you would include background checks and reference checks, along with a rationale for why or why not.
  • Provide a rationale for your selection process.

Refer to the Candidate Selection Assessment Scoring Guide to ensure that you meet the grading criteria for this assessment. Cite a minimum of three resources for this paper, listing them on a References page in APA format. (The References page should not be counted in the number of pages for the assessment.)