competitive advantage case study |

competitive advantage case study |

Please read these directions carefully and make sure that you are completing the correct assignment. Assignment details are located at

1) Go to the Cohesion Case Web site –

2) Click on “Cohesion Case Diagram” on the right side navigation menu.

3) Select the “Competitive Advantage” knowledge area.

4) Read the background information, then

5) Select the “Apply Your Knowledge” assignment. Make sure that you read through the directiona and requirements carefully.

6) Download the CA_AYK.xls spreadsheet that is provided for your use.

7) Complete your assignment. Please note that there are two tabs in the spreadsheet. Use the Brazil Beans tab to show your work and solution. I expect you to setup formulas in that spreadsheet to help you solve the problem and answer the questions. If you do not use formulas, you will automatically lose 4 points, even if your answer is correct. I want you to try to develop your Excel skills while working on this. If you need to brush up on your Excel skills, then look for Excel tutorials on the Internet. There are numerous sites out there that can be very helpful. Try searching for “Excel tutorial” or “learning Excel.”

8) Submit your completed assignment via this link in this folder. To submit, just click on the title of this assignment and upload your file along with any comments you may have for me.