complete 2 short discussions 7 |

complete 2 short discussions 7 |


Race is socially constructed and passed on through cultural exchange.

Listen to the podcast How Much Does Your Name Matter?

If the above link does not work for you, try this one:

Pay special attention to the operationalization definition of racial discrimination and structural racism.

Considering what you learned from our textbook, the podcast and taking your personal experiences into account, will the changing composition in our population change our definitions of ethnicity and race?

Will it cause changes in racial discrimination and structural racism? In the discussion forum, discuss why or why not


Answer ONE of the following questions for week 8 discussion forum.

  1. The textbook came with a trail subscription to Optum’s EnCoderPro. Did you use this in week 1-7? If so, discuss your experience with this computer assisted coding. Talk about dependence on a coding tool vs. coding manuals. If you decide to become certified in coding, you are not able to take the certification exam using this kind of tool other than your coding manuals. Why do you think that is? What would happen if the physician you worked for did not have this Optum’s EnCoderPro?
  2. You have just spent 8 weeks studying diligently to become a clinical coding specialist/medical coders. Discuss what progress you have made during this 8 week course. Be specific in discussing your own personal advancement. Relate this to what skills a stellar clinical coding specialist/medical coders needs to have to be successful. What will you do after this course to maintain the skills learned and what will you do to seek employment?