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criminal justice, write 2 sentences for each question –
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two sentences for each one on separate:

1. Herbert Richardson was a U.S. war veteran who suffered tremendous mental trauma while serving our nation. How should that be factored into his defense?

2. What is meant by “untimely” evidence? Was this a fair ruling, in your opinion, in Stevenson’s appeals filing?

3. At this point in Just Mercy, Stevenson’s legal defense center is seriously underfunded while also highly in demand. Not many people would have the stamina to continue facing the major challenges he is facing. What impact does Richardson’s’s execution have on him? How would you feel in his position?

4. In what ways has the judicial system failed to protect Charlie?
5. What special circumstances of the murder victim lead to greater struggles for Charlie? Does this seem fair?
6- Why do you think more people do not respond/act like Mr. and Mrs. Jennings?

8. While Stevenson is meeting Walter’s family, do you think he is confident Walter will be free? How would you handle that situation?

9. How would you characterize Stevenson’s mood at the end of this chapter? Support your position with quotes from the book.

10. Based only on what you know up to this point, are you hopeful for Walter’s release?