debate if china is likely to overtake the u s to become the world s top superpower in the next 20 years 1 |

debate if china is likely to overtake the u s to become the world s top superpower in the next 20 years 1 |

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In this assignment, you are expected to:

  • Show competence in handling security studies.
  • Show competence in communicating ideas in written form about security studies.
  • Demonstrate competence in academic writing (political science and security studies).

Please note and comply with these requirements:

  • 1000 words per question, no less than 950 and no more then 1100.
  • Structure your answers in an essay format.
  • Uphold academic integrity by providing proper in-text citations and complete referencing.


China should not take it for granted that it will overtake the United States to become the world’s top superpower, former commerce minister Chen Deming warned. At a forum organised by the Centre for China and Globalisation, a Beijing-based think tank, Chen warned that the country will remain “in the primary stage of socialism” for a long period of time and said its economic size does not give it the leeway to dictate global rules. “When China takes part in global governance, China must follow a strategy of seeking multilateral cooperation,” Chen said. “Do not take it for granted that China is number two, and do not make the assumption that we will be the number one sooner or later.” – South China Morning Post, 15 April 2019

Debate if China is likely to overtake the U.S. to become the world’s top superpower in the next 20 years. (25 marks)

Pointers to include during write-up are as follows:

  • Decide on the side of the answer.
  • Explain why if you think China will not take over or why they will take over?
  • US recovery power is strong because of technology. The strong point of technology.
  • Is China copycat for comparison?
  • Mention about USD GDP, economic resistance. Maybe China will not take over?
  • Look at raw resources, oil reserves for US and one of the largest. This allows US to control energy sectors.
  • Another reason is US military spending. China is close to the gap?
  • Technologically more advanced?
  • US is way ahead in terms of firepower, US military was combat trained and backed by technology, state of the Art. Population and US have a younger population and this is an advantage to US, FROM 1 child policy to 2 child policy. China is still strong in terms of brain power?

Please include the above factors when attempting the question.