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english discussion 44 | cheapassignmenttutors.com

For this Discussion, make sure to first read “Why Wonder Woman is a Masterpiece of Subversive Feminism” and watch the Integrating Sources PowerPoint. You might also review Rhetorical Precis for reference.

Part 1: Write a rhetorical precis for “Why Wonder Woman…”

Part 2: As you saw in Integrating Sources, using quotations are an important part of writing, especially in argumentative essays. Therefore, I would like you to choose a sentence or two from the article (basically an idea that stands out to you because it’s significant, memorable, poignant, controversial, etc.) and quote it. Then underneath, I would like you to explain why this quotation is meaningful to you and/or the article as a whole. This is basically practicing commentary or analysis of a quote.

Part 3: Answer the following questions: Have you seen Wonder Woman? If so, what are some points that the author makes that you agree or disagree with? If you haven’t seen the film, Zoe Williams mentions other characters such as Katniss from The Hunger Games and Ripley from Alien. With this in mind, what are some other examples of characters in movies or TV shows that are representative of this new generation of female action heroes? Explain.