essay about kant 2 pages |

essay about kant 2 pages |

please no copy from online or plagiarism, and use only the attachment for sources

Identify Kant’s argument regarding the relation between subject and ruler when there is disagreement. (Hint: check pages 297, 300, and 302.)

In your paper:

  1. Briefly summarize Kant’s argument.
  2. Note how Kant’s positions fits with his moral philosophy in general, as explained in the Grounding.
  3. Do you agree or disagree with Kant? Give an argument!!!

Length: I think about 2 pages should be sufficient.

Graded according to the rubric in the syllabus, with attention paid to:

  • Accuracy in identifying Kant’s argument
  • Clarity in explanation
  • Noting how Kant’s position on the topic chosen fits with his moral philosophy (again, accurately) and his notion of enlightenment.
  • Some statement of what you think of Kant’s argument, and an argument for your position. (I.e. don’t just state your position, but also say WHY you hold that position.)