give your opinion on already posted response 11 |

give your opinion on already posted response 11 |

Read Response-1 below and give your opinion on response given by one of your classmate. your answer should be supported with research unless the question is opinion oriented.. Responses to discussions below should NOT be “I agree” or “I like the way you stated that.” These responses should again be insightful, offering an opinion or facts based on your research and experiences. The response to one classmate should be a minimum of 200 words. See APA criteria for citing resources.

Describe and discuss at least two backup strategies. Discuss the use of cloud backup strategies, as well?


Backup refers to making a duplication copy of files and retrieve the initial knowledge once an incident happens. the most purpose of the backup strategy is to store the information somewhere in order that it will be fetched and loaded once bother comes and run the business operations effectively (Zaman & Butt, May 2013). 2 backup methods following by the organizations to retrieve knowledge are like

Full backups: Full backups acts because the most simple and complete form of backup operation because the name itself propose that it copies the whole knowledge to a different set of media like tape, disk, and DVD. the first advantage of mistreatment full backup is that an entire copy of all the information is accessible during a single set of media (Conklin, White, Williams, Davis, & Cothren, 2016). But, needs additional space for storing, increase price, and longer.

Incremental backups: progressive backup copies the information that has been modified throughout the last backup operation of any kind. By mistreatment the progressive backup it reduces the time, and also the advantage is that it solely copies the smaller quantity of the information than full. progressive backups take longer to revive the information.

Cloud backup is a progressively well-liked strategy for backing up the information that involves causing a replica of the data over the web to an offsite server. These backup methods are convenient as a result of the knowledge will be accessed from anyplace. Hybrid clouds are oftentimes used for backup functions as a result of it primarily uses the secondary knowledge center (Nadhe & Somani, 2016). It reduces the upkeep price and it secures a large quantity of knowledge rather than finance it into a non-public sector. A cloud disaster recovery may be a part of a disaster set up that involves repeating the enterprise knowledge during a cloud storage surroundings, increase flexibility, security of knowledge, scale back prices, and save time.


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