i need a 8 10 paper written |cheapassignmenttutors.com

i need a 8 10 paper written | cheapassignmenttutors.com

I can choose whatever good or service to be written about, it can be exsiting or something new. I was thinking about a machine that folds laundry for you. what do you think??

Length: This written report must be 8-10 pages. Double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins.

Due Dates: Thursday, August 7th

Project Instructions

The student will choose a product (good or service) and create a report describing the internet business model for this product, the internet and social media presence for this product, and an online campaign for launching the new product and building brand awareness. The student may choose an existing product, create a product that is similar to an existing product, or create an entirely new product that the market has never seen before. The student will create the report using the digital marketing concepts and technology covered in the class lessons.

Choose a Product:

The student must receive prior approval of the product for this report. Email the instructor no later than Wednesday, July 31st to receive approval of your chosen product.

Report Structure

The report should include concepts from class lessons, examples and a thoughtful analysis of how the company will achieve its goal of launching the product using the internet and social media. This assignment should be considered like a professional report created by a marketing consultant for presentation to a client. The report should generally follow the outline shown below.

  • Introduction
    • Describe the product.
      • What does the product do?
      • What are its features and benefits?
      • Who are the target market customers?
    • How does this product compare to competitors’ products?
  • Internet Business Model
    • How does the company offering this product use the internet as part of their business model?
    • Does the company use the internet to increase profits, reduce costs, or both?
    • What are the company’s goals and how does the company use the internet to achieve these goals?
  • Internet Presence
    • Describe the internet presence of this product.
    • Is there a large company-owned website with a large amount of product information, customer testimonials and reviews, or an e-commerce website
    • Is the product only sold on other companies’ e-commerce sites, like Amazon or Walmart?
    • Is the product not sold online at all?
    • How does the company conduct customer service and support using the internet?
    • Are there customer reviews on third-party sites, like Amazon, CNET, TripAdvisor, or others?
    • How does the company communicate with its customers? Is there an email newsletter?
  • Social Media Presence
    • Describe the product’s social media presence. Describe each social media platform used and provide examples.
    • Describe the company’s social media goals for the product (awareness, influence, CTA, encourage product trial, purchase activities, drive loyalty, etc.)
    • If the company is NOT using a specific social media platform, suggest a reason why they are absent from this platform.
    • Is the company using social media for this product in any unique ways?
    • Is the company’s presence heavy on certain platforms and lighter on others?Is the company reacting on social media to other companies in the same category (imitation, feuding, partnerships)?
    • Does the company have a unique voice on social media? Does it differ from other advertising channels?
  • Online Campaign
    • Create and describe a campaign for this product using the internet, social media, and the technology covered in class lessons.
    • Situation analysis – Briefly describe the marketing environment where this product is being launched. Review the company’s strategy and objectives for the product launch.
    • Digital Marketing Strategic Planning – Analyze the segment that this campaign will target.
    • Objectives – Identify any e-marketing goals that flow from the overall internet business model. The goals should include launching the product and building brand awareness.
    • Ensure that your objectives have a specific task, are measurable, and have a time frame.
    • Online Marketing Strategy – Identify where the revenue streams from the internet business model.
    • Implementation Plan – Describe the components of your campaign – email, website, presence on other companies’ websites, social media posts, etc.
    • Budget – Do not include information related to the marketing budget for this campaign.
    • Evaluation – Identify two to three metrics to measure success of this campaign.
  • Campaign Sample
    • Design and show a component of the product launch campaign. This can be an email, a website home page, a social media post, etc.
    • This can be done using any software of the student’s choosing. There are many free internet-based options for designing e-mails, newsletters, webpages, etc. Canva is a good online resource that includes a free trial and allows you to export your work to an image file or PDF.
    • Be creative! Use images, hashtags, Call To Action buttons, a celebrity spokesperson, or video. It does not have to be a work of art, but it should communicate something to the target market.
  • Images, Graphics, or Charts
    • Feel free to use screen shots, graphics or charts but be sure that they illustrate a specific point. Do not use them as filler.
    • Do not turn in 4 pages of images and 4 pages of text. Use good judgement.
  • References
    • If you reference information sources from outside the class materials, then include those references at the end of your report.