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**Bus 240 F15: Part 1 of 2: For those of you who are doing the book essay on “The 4Hour Workweek”, here are the questions due Dec. 3, 2015. In a 5-6 page essay, please answer the following 5 questions: 1. What is lifestyle design, and how could you apply it to your life? **Bus 240 F15: Part 2 of 3 2. Based on the reading of the 4HWW, what are the 3 most important lessons you have gained from the book? Why? 3. If you could interview the author, what would you ask him, and why? **Bus 240 F15: Part 3 of 3 4. How do you plan to change your daily habits, if at all, based on what you have read in 4HWW? Please explain. 5. Of the tools mentioned in 4HWW, which 3 do you think are still relevant and useful and which 3 are not? Please explain.