ISCOM/471 –


Choose an
organization with which you are familiar.

Create a
total of two business-quality posters that can be created on paper or by using
a software application (Microsoft® Office Suite). Creativity is
encouraged. Be sure that the posters represent the following:

Poster One:

Identify 2 or 3 examples of process improvement
opportunities in your chosen organization’s industry.

Identify 2 or 3 process improvement
opportunities in your selected organization.

Show the process improvement opportunities
identified in your selected organization.

Poster Two:

Identify examples of how organizations
prioritize process improvement activities to improve performance.

Prioritize process improvement activities for
your selected organization.

Show the priorities of the activities you
created for your selected organization.

or see below.

To find a research poster
example, Google research poster template ppt. 
or go to  The minimum size is 36 inch by 48 inch or
about 10-12 slides equivalent.  Make sure
you cover lots of details and have substantive backup material.

Remember, this is 10% of your grade and needs All the topics well covered for full points.  You need many details not just bullets.  The time you spend should be as much as a full paper