leadership video questions 1 |cheapassignmenttutors.com

leadership video questions 1 | cheapassignmenttutors.com


Watch the Amy Cuddy video above and then address the following:

  • Discuss how your non-verbal behaviors tell a story about you (e.g., attitudes, views, emotions, etc.). You might include facial expressions, body language, and symbolic behaviors (e.g., type of clothing you wear, artifacts in your office, car you drive, brands you like, etc.).
  • Discuss what you would like to change to become more effective in your communication.
  • Think of an example in which you regularly engage in negative self-talk (permanent, personal, and/or pervasive messages about events/situations). Describe the event, the negative self-talk and what you are going to do to become more optimistic (temporary, behavior-based, specific to a situation).
  • 1-2 paragraphs in APA style.