macbeth essay 4 |

macbeth essay 4 |

Use MLA format. Here is a link to help you with the MLA format:

The paper should have an introduction, at least three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Be sure to quote directly from the text you are analyzing in each of your body paragraphs. THE PAPER MUST BE AT LEAST THREE TYPED PAGES. Use Times New Roman, 12-point font and double space the essay.


1) While ambition to succeed is often considered to be an admirable trait, Macbeth’s “tragic flaw” is that he possesses too much ambition. Because he wants to be King of Scotland the moment he hears the witches prophesy, he commits regicide which leads to further murders and ultimately his death. Analyze Macbeth’s “tragic flaw” and why and how it leads to his downfall.

2) Early in the play, Lady Macbeth instructs Macbeth to “[l]ook like the innocent flower/But be the serpent under it” (2.1.4-5). Analyze the theme of “appearance vs. reality” throughout the play. Provide examples which illustrate how certain characters seem to be kind and generous to the public but actually have evil intentions.

3. Analyze the changes that occur in Macbeth’s or in Lady Macbeth’s character throughout the play. Show the qualities that are revealed in Act 1 and support your assertions with evidence from the text. Compare and contrast these with the qualities exhibited in Act 5. Be sure to select a few excellent quotations to illustrate your points.

4. Free choice!