mba6000 organizational behavior etihcs |

mba6000 organizational behavior etihcs |

-What purpose does an ethical climate serve, and why is it important to an organization?

Purpose and reason of importance of ethical climate

-How do biases impact our moral decision making? (Pick 2)

(Please note: The biases that are required for this paper, are located in the Values, Ethics, and Character Chapter).

Pick 2 page 159

Implicit prejudice

In-group favoritism

Overclaiming credit

Conflict of interest

– Provide an example of an ethical issue. Why is this issue unethical? What behaviors are occurring that are unethical?

Example of unethical behavior

Explain why the example is perceived unethical

-How could the ethical issue have been avoided? In other words, what are some of the leadership actions that should have been implemented to establish an ethical climate? (Note: think about the 5 components that help leaders “create and sustain an ethical climate,” that we examined in the week 2 discussion post. Just pick 1, from the list of 5 on p. 198).

Pick one (page 174)

Formal ethics policies

Core ideology


Structural reinforcement

Process focus