motivation reply post 2 150 words must use citations 1 |

motivation reply post 2 150 words must use citations 1 |

Our textbook states that “organizational climate is important because it influences both the quality of work and the quality of work life of members” (Manning, 2015). Making members feel as if they are important and part of the team no matter what their job entails will bring cohesiveness to the company and make it a greater success. I worked in an inpatient hospice facility for a short time, filling in when they needed help. This facility is part of a larger healthcare organization which I worked full time for, but the atmosphere was so different. Everyone worked together to achieve a common goal, and that was to meet the needs of dying patients and their families. I realized why the employee turn-over was so low when I completed the organizational climate questionnaire for this facility and I got a score of 15. This shows that the facility is in the supportive leadership category. This type of leadership shows that there is a leader which holds the power but there is good communication and everyone participates to achieve the goals of the company. (Manning, 2015). It felt good to work with people who really care about the mission of the facility. Employees from the housekeeper to managers stayed because they were made to feel as if they were a valuable part of the team and making a difference. I felt like I was making a difference. I wanted to work more hours there because I felt appreciated. I realize now that I always felt satisfied and fulfilled after working there and that was mainly because of the positive atmosphere there. Positive reinforcement is when there is a positive outcome after a task or behavior is completed (Bovee, 2013). The manager cultivated an atmosphere of positive reinforcement, not negative reinforcement, to keep us motivated. Sometimes my coworkers would recommend me for a spirit award for going above and beyond but usually just thanked me and made me feel appreciated. Also, the feeling of knowing I made a difference in someone else’s life is very fulfilling for me. Sadly I had to quit that job because I moved away. I have yet to find a job that makes me feel that level of cohesiveness.

I work in a small hospital now and I do not see a problem with gender differences where I work. Maybe it is because there is not a lot of diversity among the staff but on our unit, we come together as a team regardless of gender. Where the problems are lately is with the perception of competence. Staff who have been there for a long time question the abilities and decisions of new grads and new employees. This type of gossip and accusations are poison running through the unit right now because we have a lot of new people. My response to this is if someone is doing things wrong or not at all, find out why and then learn from them or teach them.


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