multi level health promotion intervention or public health research project regarding diabetes |

multi level health promotion intervention or public health research project regarding diabetes |

Hello, this is the requirement –

“For the final assignment, students will be asked to integrate their learning over the duration of the course through proposing a multi-level health promotion intervention or public health research project. In so doing, students will prepare a 3000 word, paper addressing the following components: a) a brief rationale for focusing the research/intervention on the specific public health issue and population to be targeted; b) selection of two theories operating at different levels of the socioecological model, including a rationale to explain why these theories are most appropriate to address your public health issue and why they will work well in combination; c) a proposal for a multilevel intervention to address OR research study to better understand the public health issue in the population of interest.Please provide a brief summary of your research study/intervention, followed by a detailed description of how you will apply your chosen theories in this work. Only details of the research/intervention methods that demonstrate the application of theory are required as part of this assignment; more general details of research methods are not required. Students are encouraged to consider using the public health issue that was the focus of their Assignment 1, and the theory that was the focus of their Assignments 2/3 as part of this final assignment, in order to build upon their prior work. However, exceptions are possible with approval from the instructor.”

I will attach my assignment #1, to better help assist this paper. A PowerPoint must also be made in order to present this paper.


– African Americans


Use Partnerships -Working with a Church/ Food Businesses

* Create Seminars- To reduce/prevent diabetes ( Intro)

Body ( Talk about Article)

Implement CDC- Healthy People 2020-

Preferred Theory to use – Friere’s Model Theory that helps with partnerships and also mention -Health Belief Model


*Body – Mention ” Budget” (resources needed/ money, people, places)


*Goals – How do you want this to turn out?



Talk about -(Pre Survey)- Knowledge on diabetes

Based on survey- How they perceive the issue