multinational enterprises |

multinational enterprises |

in attached some of articles & questions about Multinational Enterprises about 4 pages

kindly, i need to write introduction , index ,

  • Introduction about the selected topic with clear objectives of the report ( 1 page )
  • A discussion on your findings with Conclusion & recommendations ( 1 page )
  • Index ( 1 page )
  • Note : contents are same just add the above mentioned to them .

A good report would present:


Your work will be assessed against the following criteria:

1. Knowledge – Your work should show knowledge of the module content.

2. Understanding – Your report should demonstrate an understanding of different presented aspects

3. Clarity – Your report should be well structured and clearly presented.

4. You should include a short list of references (Minimum 5 references) to support your observations and assertions.

Textbook for this course : Allan M. Rugman,Simon Collinson -International Business: 5th Edition, Pearson Education, Inc.

Assignment Guidance Notes:

Business Report Structure –

Size 12 font, spacing 1.5, Times New Roman, Justified

The assignment MUST in Black and White – NO font colors are allowed.

attention to plagiarism