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Visit a museum, gallery, cultural center within the US.

Submit review 2 page typed, double space, 12 point font

Each two-page entry should include:

  • the date of your visit;
  • the name and location of the museum, gallery, cultural center or interpretive center you visited and the title of exhibit(s) you saw;
  • reflection notes (not actual notes) from your visit, which might include:
    • reflections on an element of an exhibit or the museum, the overall layout or design of the museum
    • impressions, things that caught your eye
  • Some questions you may wish to address when taking notes during your visit:

1. Why did you choose this museum?

2. What were your ideas about the museum before you entered and what did you think you would see before you went?

3. In what ways did those preconceived notions change?

4. What did you like most about the exhibits?

5. What did you like least about the exhibits, and what would you have changed if you could? What would you have done to make the exhibit more powerful or more successful?

6. Walk around until you find an object or artwork that you think is particularly interesting. Once you have found it, do the following:

  • Provide a detailed description of the object. If it is an artwork, provide the artist’s name, title, and date for the piece.
  • Provide a brief analysis of how the object or artwork you have chosen is appropriate to the theme of the exhibit. Why was it chosen for the exhibit? Does it illustrate a particular idea or point that the curator was attempting to make? If so, what is that point?
  • Can you think of other objects that would have been better choices for display? If so, what would they be?

7. Read the interpretive labels and

  • State whether or not you found them helpful in understanding the exhibit.
  • Did they challenge you to think about particular issues or ideas?
  • Did they cause you to look more closely?
  • If so, what did closer inspection reveal about the objects you viewed?

8. What is the exhibit’s theme and/or topic? Did your knowledge and background of the exhibit’s topic change through viewing the exhibit?

9. Was there any literature provided by the museum or center (wall text, gallery guide, handout, brochure, etc.) that was especially helpful for viewing and understanding the exhibit? If so, how was it helpful? (You may wish to include a copy of this material in your journal.)

10. Please feel free to comment on other aspects of the visit that may not be addressed in the above questions.