mythbusters project |

mythbusters project |

create, design, and evaluate your own Mythbusters project.

The final deliverable of the project will be a Power Point presentation (or another similar presentation method of your choice such as a recorded video, written document, Prezi presentation, and/or website). This is your chance to relate what you have learned in the course to something that is of interest to you.

Your final project needs to include all of the following components:

  1. Title: A title that clearly states what myth to be tested.
  2. Hypothesis: Your own hypothesis about what might happen.
  3. Experiment: A description of the experiment and the steps you followed.
  4. Controls: What controls you used to show your data was worthwhile.
  5. Data: The actual data you collected in table form.
  6. Analysis: Your analysis of the results.
  7. Conclusion: Was the myth busted?

Your final project will be graded on your clear application of the above steps. Pay particular attention to the details of your experiment and your controls, as they will be a major portion of the grade. In addition, creativity, neatness, design, and originality will count towards your grade. All data must be submitted in a separate document, so please make sure you collect and save this information.

the subject is :

Question: does phones and social media could help increase productivity in class and at the office?

Hypothesis: If you use your phone and check on social media, browsing and looking things up could help increase productivity.