one page discussion question and two comments –


1. Choose the two most significant stages and Write a support of why you feel that way. Provide evidence/resources. 

2. make about one paragraph comment about these contents below:

Two most important stages? Which is more important the chicken or the egg? It is quite difficult to narrow down those innovations that were most influential, but I would contest that it is advent of specialized machinery and urbanization.

Specialized machinery created the ability to produce interchangeable parts and offered the production levels of a single worker to increase 100 fold. When a single worker can produce the same volume that previously took 100 a factor can bring product to market at a lower price. This change in production allows the entire market to become specialized, which leads to its own innovation. As a stage of the IR one that can self perpetuate is most important.

With the IR came the urbanization of the population. Prior to the IR nearly all people were country folk. Yes cities existed as they always have, but cities became a city center with tall buildings, indoor plumbing , and personal vehicle. Cities had amenities others in the county did not experience on a daily basis. This great congregation of people brought ideas together, specialization brought art, culture, and immigrants that wanted the American dream.

3. make about one paragraph comment about this content below:

While I think all the eras discussed in this chapter are important, if I had to choose the most 2 important, I would pick the Scientific Management and the Internet Revolution.

The moving assembly line in the scientific management made the production of manufactured goods so much more efficient and profitable for the owners. Henry Ford cut down his production time of the Model T by 726.5 hours. Cutting down his production time allowed Ford to mass produce the cars and substantially increase his profit margin. The assembly line also allows the employees to become experts at one particular part on the car rather than having to know how to build the entire car. I feel the chance of human error reduces drastically if the employee only has to concentrate on building one specific part of the car.

My second choice would be the Internet Revolution because it was a very drastic change for people. Although most people like to think they want to always be busy and love the hustle and bustle. It’s my personal opinion that most Americans are lazy by nature. The internet revolution only promoted Americans to be even lazier and have almost everything they need at the push of a button. People used to have to look in the phone book for local numbers to the local stores in the community or use a printed map for directions. This revolution allowed us to be able to type any topic we want into Google and find any and all the information there is to find on any certain topic. We could go to “” and print off turn-by-turn directions of how to get anywhere we could think to go. We were also able to begin purchasing items online which really gave people another reason to be lazy. They could order food, clothes, shoes, electronics, etc. offline and have anything shipped to their front door.