outcome 1 analysis of cross cultural leadership practices pbam 1 |cheapassignmenttutors.com

outcome 1 analysis of cross cultural leadership practices pbam 1 | cheapassignmenttutors.com

Students will apply leadership theories to the work environment. They will compare and contrast various leadership styles and identify situations in which each should or should not be applied.

Today’s international organizations require leaders who can adjust to different environments quickly and work with partners and employees from other countries and cultures. You will identify an organization that does business with international stakeholders and analyze leadership practices of working across the different cultures. Your 8 – 10 page paper should address:

What does the organization do well regarding communication, problem solving, employee motivation, goal orientation, team orientation, etc. across the different cultural contexts

What opportunities exist for improvement?

What actions should be taken to make improvements in relations with international stakeholders?

You may propose an alternative project of your own design that shows attainment of the corresponding course outcome. The mentor must approve the alternative project. You are required to use at least 3-5 authoritative sources. APA format must be used.