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political science writing paper 01 | cheapassignmenttutors.com

Read the case study on Afghanistan (see attahced file) and write an essay of no more than 2000 words (roughly 5-6 double spaced pages with 1” margins) that addresses the following question:

After 2001, when the US overthrew the Taliban government in Afghanistan, the US began a process of regime change – creating a new democratic regime to replace Afghanistan’s previous authoritarian regime. Afghanistan was suffering many years of ethnic and sectarian conflict. Imagine you are an advisor briefing the U.S. president and Afghan leaders on how to design Afghanistan’s new democratic regime. What political institutions would you select and why? Be specific in identifying:

  • what model of government you would choose (e.g., presidential, parliamentary, semi-presidential);
  • what electoral system (e.g., PR, SMD, IRV);
  • the degree of decentralization (e.g., unitary or federal), and
  • whether you would provide for judicial review.
  • You must provide reasons for each choice. In doing so, you must describe the pros and cons of each selection (i.e., the form of government, electoral system, degree of decentralization, choice of judicial review or not, and the pros and cons of your favored combination) and explain why your choice is superior to alternatives.
  • Support your argument with evidence (e.g., examples from other countries) as well as relevant information from the attached Afghanistan case study.

The essay should draw only on assigned readings, the material covered in lectures, and the attached Afghanistan case study. As a result you do not need to include a bibliography. Simply reference the assigned readings by the author’s name when appropriate. You do not need to cite any information given by me in lecture.

Grading Criteria: The essays will be graded based on the following criteria:

  • Does the paper include all of the required information (i.e., are each of the above bullet points addressed in detail?)
  • Important terms or concepts central to the issue being discussed must be defined.
  • Clarity of argument. In this essay you must make an argument and advocate a clear position.
  • When presenting your argument, make sure to address competing arguments and defend your position (i.e., by discussing the pros and cons of various options).
  • Use of evidence to support your argument, drawn from assigned readings and lectures.
  • Writing must be clear and grammatically correct.