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popularity of cognitive behavioral therapy | cheapassignmenttutors.com


As noted in your readings, by far the most used standard treatment modality in the criminal justice system is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). According to Patrick Clark (2010):

Cognitive behavioral therapy has been found to be effective with juvenile and adult offenders; substance abusing and violent offenders; and probationers, prisoners and parolees. It is effective in various criminal justice settings, both in institutions and in the community, and addresses a host of problems associated with criminal behavior. For instance, in most cognitive behavioral therapy programs, offenders improve their social skills, means-ends problem solving, critical reasoning, moral reasoning, cognitive style, self-control, impulse management and self-efficacy.

Because CBT deals with recognizable characteristics like thinking and behavior, its use in correctional facilities makes sense. Unlike other therapeutic approaches, CBT asks offenders to focus on the present and provides the necessary tools to help them solve their problems.

For this discussion:

  • Explain the theory behind cognitive therapies.
  • Identify some additional reasons why these CBT is so popular. Support your position with evidence from the unit readings or another academic source.
  • Explain whether these programs are more effective with men or women. Why? Support your comments with appropriate scholarly or professional evidence. Remember to cite any sources you use.
  • Describe the importance of program integrity.