psychology 311 |

psychology 311 |

Book Report containing 1500-5000 words on one of the books listed below. Also the questions needed addressing in the paper are listed, as well.

Questions you should address are:

  1. Why did you choose the book you chose?
  2. What was surprising to you about this book?
  3. What did you take away from the book?
  4. Did you find anything to contradict what you’ve learned in your life and/or in this class?
  5. How did this book change the way you see the world?
  6. Did you disagree with the author?
  7. Was there something confusing about the book that you’d be interested in researching or discussing further?
  8. Did you find yourself particularly intrigued with something in particular about the book?

Basically, your paper will be graded on the extent to which it seems you engaged with the book in a critical manner. Simply regurgitating the synopsis of the book will not do.

Grading Guidelines

  1. Please proofread your papers; 10 points will be deducted if more than 5 grammatical or punctuation errors or typos are present.
  2. If your paper does not meet the 1500-5000 word requirement, you will also lose 25 points.
  3. Discuss each bullet point; 8 points will be deducted per bullet point not discussed.
  4. Each bullet point will be graded on accurateness, thoughtfulness and depth of understanding; up to 8 points will be deducted per bullet point for lack of accurateness, thoughtfulness, or depth.

Select One of these books

Possible books options are:

Cahalan, S. (2012). Brain on fire: My month of madness. Simon & Schuster (Paperback ISBN: 1451621388). 288 pages.

Grandin, T. (2013). The autistic brain: Thinking across the spectrum. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (Paperback ISBN: 0544227735). 206 pages.

Horowitz, A. (2003). Creating Mental Illness. University of Chicago Press (Paperback ISBN: 0226353826). 230 pages.

Kirsch, I. (2009). The emperor’s new drugs: Exploding the anti-depressant myth. Basic Books (Paperback
ISBN: 0465022006). 240 pages.

Jamison, K. (1997). An unquiet mind: A memoir of moods and madness. Vintage (Paperback ISBN: 0679763309). 224 pages.

Ronson, J. (2011). The psychopath test: A journey through the madness industry. Riverhead Trade (Paperback ISBN: 1594485755). 288 pages.

Sacks, O. (2008). Hallucinations. Vintage (Paperback ISBN: 0307947432). 294 pages.

Sapolsky, R. (2004). Why zebras don’t get ulcers. (3rd edition). Holt (Paperback ISBN: 0805073698). 418 pages in total, but in the interest of fairness, stop after chapter 13, if you can (= 274 pages).

Smith, D. (2012). Monkey mind: A memoir of anxiety. Simon & Schuster (Paperback ISBN: 1439177317). 224 pages.

Yalom, I. (2009). Staring at the sun: Overcoming the terror of death. Jossey-Bass Publishing (Paperback ISBN: 0470401818). 278 pages.