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Please follow these GUDIELINES !!!

The written assignment should include the following components; students must use statistical data and scholarly literature to complete this assignment:

1. Introduction (maximum of 1 page) (Do not write in 1st Person; do not use I statements)

Provide a brief description of the social problem.

Define the nature and parameters of the social problem.

Define the populations most impacted by the problem.

Identify information about the nature of consequences.

2. Body (4−6 pages) (Do not write in 1st Person; do not use Istatements)

Using a theoretical approach (using any theory discussed in class, i.e. systems theory), explain how the specific social problem is created and/or maintained the social, economic, political, media, religious and any other macro level institutions or social arrangements in our society.

Describe how the problem impacts the development and social functioning of the population you have chosen to study.

Explain the social injustices and the oppressive forces that are implicated in the problem.

3. Conclusion/Student Reflection (1−2 pages) (Write in 1st Person; do use I statements)

Suggest some social work strategies for prevention of and intervention with the problem at the macro level including family, community and institutional levels. What are the main organizations (local and national) currently providing services to this population?

What significance did the article have for you?

4. APA Format/Writing Style

Cover Page

Page Numbers

Sentence Structure (i.e, grammar spelling, sentence transitions, lengthy paragraphs)

Reference Page*


*Papers should include a minimum of eight professional sources. Sources can include two government or research related websites; the other sources must be scholarly books, chapters in books, or articles from peer-review academic journals. Sources should be dated from 2013−present. Points will be deducted if resources are not adhered to this note.

Paper Format

Students should follow the following directions regarding how to format their report:

1. The paper is to be prepared in Microsoft Word, double-spaced [ensure that “Before and After Spacing” (Click Home and Click Paragraph Settings) is set to zero (0)].

2. All margins are to be one inch.

3. The font should be 12 point and Times New Roman.

4. The paper should contain the following parts:

i. Title Page [see the American Psychological Association (APA) links below for format requirements];

ii. Report (see the APA links below for format requirements);

iii. References Page (see the APA links below for format requirements);

iiii. Appendix (optional; see bullet number five and the APA links below for format requirements);

5. Sub-headings are required for the assignment;

6. No abstract is required;

7. The length should be a minimum of six complete, double-spaced pages (maximum of eight pages) (not including cover page, references page, and appendix).

8. Use spell check, and proofread the paper carefully.

9. The paper must follow the APA guidelines. Some website resources are listed below:

i. APA Sample Paper: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/18….

ii. APA General Format: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01….

iii. APA Appendix: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/670/05….

10. Submit an electronic copy of the final report in the appropriate dropbox in BrightspaceDesire2Learn [D2L])by Sunday, March 31, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.and a hard copy (stapled in the top left-handcorner) by Wednesday, April 03, 2019 at 08:00 a.m. to receive credit for the assignment. Failure to submit the assignment accordingly will result in a failing grade.


This assignment is worth150 points of your overall grade. All items of this assignment (paper and English Tutor Consultation Verification Form)must be submitted to earn the maximum points. Scholars may find that the process of writing the assignment is a major part of the cultural learning experience.

Grading Components for Social Problem Research Project: Paper

While a point system is used to grade this assignment, emphasis will be placed on your ability to focus, write clearly and to integrate what you have learned from class materials. The following table contains the grading components for the paper:


Maximum Points


30 points


60 points

Conclusion/Student Reflection

30 points

APA Format/Writing Style

30 points


150 points

The following table contains the deductions for failure to submit items of the assignment:


Points Deducted

No Writing Laboratory Submission

20 points

No Printed Hard Copy Submission (Submitted Electronic Copy)

-75 points

No Electronic Submission (Submitted/Not Submitted Printed Hard Copy)

-150 points

Grading Rub