q and a on the book quot heart shaped box quot |cheapassignmenttutors.com

q and a on the book quot heart shaped box quot | cheapassignmenttutors.com

1. In Chapter 35 how have Georgia and Jude created their own identities? Why remake themselves?

  1. In Chapter 35 how does Georgia help ground Jude’s morality?

3.In Chapter 37 when Jude and Georgia confront Jessica about what happened to Anna and Reese, how does this scene help warn us how to deal with trauma?

4.In Chapter 40 how do the flashbacks help us see how Anna died trying to change her family? How does this chapter show is Jessica more a victim or a villain or both?

5.In Chapter 43 how is Arlene’s sorrow over Jude before she says goodbye show why it is important to face trauma and the past?

6.In Chapter 44 how does Jude use his music to help save him while fighting Craddock?

7.Why is it important that Craddock, Georgia, and Anna together kill Craddock? What theme does it tie to?

8.In Chapter 51 why is it important for Jude and Marybeth’s relationship when he tells Nan her real name?

9.In Chapters 53 and 56 how do Jude and Marybeth change their lives after they return home? Why do they decide to change?

10.In Chapter 55 and 57 how does Reese get justice for herself and Anna? Why is it matter to her and to Jude and Marybeth that they meet and talk about the past?

11.What themes stand out to you the most in the book and why?

2-3 sentences each question