Question for someone with HR training. –


I only have 24 hours to complete this assignment. YOU MUST pay attention to detail and include as much information as possible to complete the assignment. DO NOT copy someone’s work when completing this assignment and DO NOT include references as this is YOUR work alone. This is a simple task for someone in human resources.

Please complete the following:
1. Prepare a work plan and planning timeline that can be used to plan a School Hiring Event. The event will be held during the school year, and you will have (4) four weeks to plan the event. Please include such items as whom you would contact and the specific steps that you would need to take in order to ensure the success of the event.
2. Draft a sample e-mail that you would send to candidates inviting them to attend the School Hiring Event. Please remember that these teacher candidates have already been screened in by the Talent Acquisition office, although they have not yet secured a position in a specific school.
3. Draft a second sample e-mail that you would send to principals inviting them to attend the School Hiring Event. Please be sure to include the details that you feel are important for the principals to know regarding the event. Please feel free to make assumptions to enable you to complete your work on all parts of this exercise, and please note your assumptions in your submission.

**NOTE-If the work is above and beyond I will tip!