revision of philosophy essay |

revision of philosophy essay |

the teachers notes!!!

Ok. Bad news. This is completely wrong. You didn’t see my note to you on the standard form page saying you have the incorrect argument.

You are not doing the correct argument. A new draft is needed. This Sunday, or sooner if you can do it.

Did you read the section about argument analysis on the standard form argument explanation?

Here is a link.

Read that and email me your correct version. I will tell you that the argument should be in the form of a dilemma.
Here is the argument.

It is a dilemma.
p or q
if p then r
if q then s
Therefore, r or s

Premise 1) Either death is a state of nothingness and unconsciousness or it is a migration of the soul to a new world.
Premise two should say
P2) If death is a state of nothingness, then it is good.
Premise 3 should say
P3) If death is a migration of the soul to a new world, then it too is good.
C) Therefore, death is a good no matter whether one ceases to exist, or goes to a new world.

I want to see your version of the argument before you write another draft. Email me.
be well…

Introduction. Rewrite your introduction so that it explains the topic of the paper. Make sure that it has a thesis statement. “Socrates’ argument about the nature of the afterlife, a response, and criticism will be discussed in this paper.” Use your own words.

Second, I want to see the argument in standard form.
Third, send me three paragraphs explaining each of the three arguments