sas visual analytics wk 3 |

sas visual analytics wk 3 |


  1. This assignment will introduce the student to data analysis using SAS® Visual Analytics. The SAS® Visual Analytics environment includes many resources that will help the student understand data analysis methodologies. SAS® Visual Analytics is the leading data analysis software used by businesses today, and skills learned here will be used in later course assignments.

    Resources: SAS® Visual Analytics software

    Review the instructions and examples provided for accessing the SAS® Visual Analytics software and uploading your data. Upload your data from the Week 2 assignment and save it in the system.

    Perform a basic analysis in SAS® Visual Analytics using the PROC MEANS command appropriate for your data set. Verify from the results if the data is loaded correctly and the data is usable, and create a simple summary report.

    Create a basic graph or bar chart (i.e. PROC can create a table, basic statistical analysis, and also a graphic representation) using SAS® Visual Analytics to display the results of your analysis.

    Describe your analysis and the process of loading and executing the commands in the SAS® Visual Analytics environment in a maximum of 700 words.

    Include a screenshot of the results of your PROC MEANS analysis.

    Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.