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Television Genres-Aristotle’s Poetics –
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choose one of the following television genres and write an analysis using Aristotle’s poetics. (attached)

Police Drama, fictional work portraying the activities and personalities of official law enforcement officers and agencies (from municipal police to FBI to G-men) in tracking criminals. Police stories offer many of the same elements as the crime and mystery genres, but with an added concentration on the procedures of police work and characterizations of police officers. Narratives are often concerned with their excessive devotion to their work and police procedure as they cope with office routine, bureaucracy, and the death of fellow officers in the line of duty. Unlike detectives, policemen fear discovering theta they will turn corrupt or are beginning to share traits in common with their criminal adversaries, by also adopting illegal tactics, although for the purpose of apprehending criminals.

Examples: BLACK AND WHITE, (or, ancient history), DRAGNET LIVING COLOR, (or, recent history), HILL STREET BLUES


ANIMATION: work created by recording a series of still images, such as drawings, objects, or posed people; when played back, the static images combine to simulate motion, creating the impression of movement.