vals assignment |

vals assignment |

For your VALS assignment, visit the following website and click on the “Take the Survey” link:…

Go through the survey and answer each of the questions. At the conclusion, you will be given a primary and secondary VALS type. I would encourage you to print out your results. as it will not e-mail them to you. Once you have your results, click into the descriptive pages for each VALS type to read more.

Below, include a write-up including the following information:

1. Your primary and secondary VALS type

2. What are some of the characteristics of your primary type?

3. What sort of products or services might marketers be interested in marketing to your VALS type? Why?

4. Do you feel like your primary VALS type fits you? Why or why not?

Be sure to click SUBMIT (not save!) to submit your work to me for grading. This assignment is worth 35 points.